This was my first experience with acupuncture and it helped me greatly. At the time I was feeling low on energy and generally overwhelmed. Nuala’s treatments really helped me to centre myself and feel a lot more energised. I would definitely book another appointment in the future. (Amelia, Kingston)

Nuala is fantastic, I found her extremely helpful and beneficial. She listened to me intently before beginning  working on me and was so gentle and understanding, tailoring the treatments every session to my specific needs. I would highly recommend Nuala to anyone seeking the benefits of acupuncture, she gave me the tools and the environment to seek help with my conditions and in her hands I found a real oasis of calm that extended beyond our sessions and into my everyday life. (Ruth, East Molesey)

I received treatment from Nuala for extremely painful sciatica which had been almost disabling for some months.  I had already tried several therapies but I can genuinely say that the first noticeable relief began after the acupuncture and it was a steady improvement from then on.  Nuala provides a calm, comfortable setting and the treatment is pain free and relaxing. (Judith, Thames Ditton)

Being new to acupuncture I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect but was left feeling totally relaxed and thankfully more pain free than I had felt in weeks. I am very grateful to Nuala for her introduction to the world of acupuncture and would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone. (Carina, Chobham)

I came to see Nuala during the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy as I was suffering from sciatica which was causing terrible pain and discomfort in my lower back and left leg. As I never had acupuncture before, I was quite nervous but Nuala’s professional approach and reassurance put me at ease. After just 2 treatments I was surprised to feel an immediate difference and by the 3rd treatment the pain and discomfort had gone.  She also treated me for swollen ankles and feet closer to the end of my pregnancy and with only one treatment I could feel an immediate relief. It literally felt like a weight has been lifted of my feet.    Nuala made it possible for me to enjoy my pregnancy and I would definitely recommend her professional and re-assuring service/treatment. (Madele, Kingston)

I found Nuala when I was looking for an affordable doctor in Kingston to help me when trying for a baby. I had had a few complications since the birth of my first child and was struggling to conceive and the fertility tests were not picking up when I was ovulating. Nuala rebalanced my system (with the bonus of helping with sleep/stress and neck pain at the same time) and within two months I was pregnant! She also helped me prepare for labour and with her input I managed the natural healthy birth I had hoped for.
(Abigail, Kingston)